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Hi, we’re Randy and Dee!

We are the creators of Our Freedom Road.

Randy does the web design and graphics and I do the writing. Helping people get on their Financial Freedom journey is our passion and mission in life. 

When we were young we learned that money was mainly for paying bills so as our money grew, so did our bills. Financial Freedom wasn’t an idea either of us were familiar with but we always had this deep abiding desire to live our best lives. We just weren’t sure how.

In 2016, after renting for years, we made one of the biggest decisions of our lives and bought our first house. One year in as homeowners, we realized we needed to change the way we thought about money because it didn’t seem to matter how much we made, the debt got bigger as well.

We were high income earners with a lot of debt and on the paycheck to paycheck roller coaster.

10 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It became pretty clear that our money mentality was the root cause of where we were financially.

We wanted more out of life: get out of debt, buy a bigger house with land,  travel more, grow our own organic food, buy and sell real estate, generate passive income and retire early.

It was really Financial Freedom we were after.

We began studying Financial Freedom and rediscovered an ancient TRUTH that became the foundation of our Freedom-

Genesis 1:28 God Blessed them and said, “Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the Earth and Subdue It and Rule….”

We were convinced we were all destined to live a rich, abundant and prosperous life but had to unlearn a lot of incorrect programming about money.

We researched many successful people, their mindset, their financial plan, their investment strategy, how they got out of debt, how they stayed on track and how they achieved financial freedom.

We were able to identify areas every successful person we studied had mastered to achieve success. You can download this info in the Financial Freedom Checklist for FREE.



Being Financially Free is the result of developing an abundant money mindset. It’s about letting go of money fears, getting a foundation for financial truths and in most cases unlearning some incorrect money concepts.

Once we got the right information and changed our thoughts and feelings about money we started doing the things that put on on the road to financial freedom. 

Creation Process


We discovered most people had mental blocks around the 3 fundamental building blocks of money:

  • How to Make Money
    • Getting rid of paycheck to paycheck thinking so we could align our mentality to abundance
    • Create a vision for the financially free life you desire
    • Develop healthy money mental habits
    • Understand the principles that govern wealth creation
  • How to Keep Money
    • Creating a Wise Saving/Spending Strategy
    • Become Good Money Managers
    • Establish a Storehouse Fund
    • Create a plan to pay off debt and remain debt-free
  • How to Grow Money
    • Develop an Investment Strategy
    • Understand the power of compounding
    • Understand how to start a business and scale it
    • Learn how to create multiple streams of passive income
    • Add value to others- Use money to improve the quality of life for people

We created a financial freedom vision that helped us get focused around the life we wanted. It was our “WHY” and we were able to use it as a powerful visualization tool to help us transition our dreams into a reality.

You can get your own copy of the >> How to Create a Financial Freedom Vision Workbook <<and use it to jump start your Financial Freedom journey!


Then we put our heads together and applied 20+ years of Telecommunications engineering, designing architectural road maps, project planning, using best practices to create a plan.

We created a Financial Freedom Roadmap.

We mustered up the courage to believe we deserved Financial Freedom and took a leap of faith! We renovated our house in 6 months, staged it and sold it in a month and a half. Then we moved to Orlando where we started a commercial cleaning business and this blog!

We were on Our Freedom Road!

On this blog we share the progress of our financial freedom journey, tips, advice and encouragement so you can jump-start your Financial Freedom Journey too. And even though Financial Freedom means something different for everyone, there is one thing we all have in common- we all want to eliminate worrying about money.

Beginners Guide to Financial Freedom

Our blog is a resource for moms, couples, parents, or single people:

  • wanting to replace their paycheck to paycheck mentality with an abundance mentality
  • looking for a way to get out of debt
  • needing a Financial Freedom Roadmap
  • searching for ways to increase their income
  • looking to replace money fears and worries with money wisdom
  • wanting to learn good money management habits and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • wanting to experience financial freedom

Can’t wait to meet you on Your Freedom Road!

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See you on YOUR Freedom Road!

xoxo, Randy and Dee