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2023 Financial Freedom Update!

Hello again! We have been busy these last few years growing where we are planted and searching for the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve Financial Freedom. And we are happy to share with you, that by the grace of God our freedom road has taken us to Financial Freedom!

So much has happened since we last posted and we intend to catch you all up completely over the next few posts. Hang in there with us.

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How did you all come out of the pandemic? I hope you all are safe and well. Did you shop online too much 🙂 When the pandemic hit in 2020 the cleaning business we owned came to a halt overnight, so we were left with what we saw were 2 options.

We could get discouraged and feel like financial freedom was not a possibility or regroup and continue to push forward unphased. We decided to push forward and began to learn to grow where we were planted. That became the theme for the year. We started looking for real estate options as a way to achieve financial freedom.

I had my Financial Freedom Vision I’d read every day and it gave me so much hope! It also helped me stay open to possibilities because we had a strong expectation for what we wanted. I didn’t know the how or the when but I could definitely see it. If you recall we had flipped our first home in Boca Raton in 2018, and had moved to Orlando the year before we started this blog. Knowing we had accomplished that gave us some confidence we could rely on.

My job as an IT Manager became more demanding on my time, and I was on my computer for 10+ hours per day.

We didn’t give up!

Instead we spent a lot of time thinking about different solutions we could implement to generate money that would fit our schedules. A business that required me to be on my PC became less of an option so blogging unfortunately took a place on the back burner. BUT flipping another house was something we could do again because I love DIYs, interior design and using my hands was an easy way for me to relieve stress.

I could help my hubby out after my work hours just like our first flip even if it was only a few hours per day. Or we could build tiny homes and sell them which was something we were interested in. Buying a house and turning it into an AirBNB also became an idea that was really appealing to us.

Luckily we found an amazing deal in August of 2020 in a little beach town called New Smyrna Beach that was below market value – and we purchased it. We fell in love with this little beach town and farmhouse! It had a beautiful front porch and the garage was located in the back of the house which was a feature we loved. It was a beautiful house and didn’t need as much work as our first house.

We made it our home: we painted it, added metal and glass barn doors to the bonus room to turn into an office. We replaced the vanity in our sons’ bathroom and the light fixtures and even updated the sprinkler system. We hosted Thanksgiving there for our family, had our grandchildren and friends over and really enjoyed the beautiful community lakes and amenities. We were so comfortable there and it was easy to see ourselves putting our roots down there…but..


During the time we lived in that house we’d take walks with the boys and our dog, Leo, around the lake, imagining what our next steps would be. One day I told my husband that every time he takes a step around that lake, he should imagine us getting one step closer to financial freedom. The path around that beautiful lake had become Our Freedom Road. We’d think about a million different solutions or ideas that would move us in the direction of peace and freedom. Every day and every single step we imagined being financially free and how that would feel.


By 2022 our house had appreciated more than $100k in value and we knew if we sold it, we’d be that much closer to achieving our dreams. Even though we really loved that house, in April 2022 we listed the house for sale and we were under contract within 2 weeks. We received a cash offer and closed within 30 days.

So I feel it’s only fair at this point to shed some light on the fact that hubby wasn’t really ok with moving-again. Truth be told, we didn’t see eye to eye in the beginning at all about moving out of NSB. The move to Oviedo from Boca in 2018 had been pretty rough and the memories of him emptying out the moving truck solo because I was stuck cleaning out our house the day before closing were still fresh. So a lot of the wishful thinking and hoping and believing were initially ME motivating hubby. But he eventually he got with the program and the light bulb went off.

RV Life

While the house was on the market, we (meaning me bringing up ideas to hubs) thought about ways to maximize our savings and investments and eventually did something we never thought we’d do! We decided to RV full time at least while we decided where we were going to settle in again or look for land so we could build our next property. Tiny house living was not something we’d ever experienced but we were excited at the opportunity. We did our research and by God’s grace we found and bought a Ford Super Duty 350 to pull the RV and a Heartland Road Warrior 5th Wheel. We hit the road, Our Freedom Road, and the adventure began! Let me know what questions you may have about RV living. We have learned a lot.

By moving into the RV we cut all of our living expenses by almost half and now we had A LOT more options. We still had our jobs but were finally at a point in our life where our expenses had decreased so drastically that the money we had saved could cover our expenses for years without having to work. We had money to pay all of our debts and still have plenty to live off to cover our expenses as an option if we started another business or flipped another house- this was Our Freedom Road.


This is for you too! Financial Freedom is something anyone can achieve because it can mean something different to everyone. It starts with a mindset shift and then you start getting clear on what you want. That’s what we used the Financial Freedom Vision to help us with. It may mean now you can buy time and don’t have to work as much or work at all. It may give you a buffer where you can take time off to follow your passion and finally start that business you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s January 2023 and this is your sign that this year can be your Freedom Road. You can shift your mindset to Financial Freedom and there are so many ways to do it. We will share all of the details in future posts on ways to accelerate your manifesting, what are some abundance or financial freedom blocks, how to know you’re on track to seeing what you’re expecting, RV best practices and cost savings. If there’s anything specific you are interested in learning please leave in the comments or DM us. We are so excited to finally be able to pay it forward and help anyone else that’s willing to learn how to achieve financial freedom.

Do you have a financial freedom vision? How close are you to achieving it? What are the challenges you have to overcome to experience it? I know this is your year!

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