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5 Easy Ways to know you’re on track for Financial Freedom

You wake up, go to work, go back to sleep and do it all over again without any clue how to make your financial dreams come true. You might be thinking you have no way to know you’re on track for Financial Freedom.

So you found some great info online, signed up for a ton of online courses or bought a boatload of books that show you how you can get rich right?

Great! Cause the cool thing is there isn’t just one way to reach your financial independence- there are infinite ways!

But the million dollar question is: how do you know you’re doing all the right things to reach your financial freedom dreams?

15 Reasons Why You Should Get Out of Debt Fast

If you look at the problems alone debt causes, you’ll see there are many reasons why you should get out of debt fast. Debt can negatively impact every area of your life.

15 Reason Why You Should Get Out of Debt Fast

All of the solutions it provides are temporary and the bottom line is ultimately the cost becomes too high to stay in debt- delayed peace of mind and financial security. The rewards for getting control of your money and getting out of debt are all the motivation you need.

Getting out of debt was the main reason we decided we were no longer going to settle for a mediocre financial future for us and our kids.

We’d just made the biggest purchase of our lives and it made us look closer at our finances and forced us to think hard about where we were going.

10 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck


You just got paid but there are more bills than your paycheck can cover- again.

Have you been there?10 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

It’s living paycheck to paycheck and you feel frustrated at times feeling you have no control over your money. You dread payday because that sinking feeling in your stomach reminds you that you won’t have any money leftover before your next paycheck!

You want to do more for your kids or travel and save up more money but something always seems to come up and you’re back to no savings. If only you could make more money, you think.

Things are going well. You get a raise or start a side hustle, but before you know it you’re back to scraping paycheck to paycheck. How did this happen? …

The Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Money and Childhood

When I was young I didn’t know financial freedom was a thing. I thought thereBeginners Guide to Financial Freedom were 2 types of people: those who had money and those who didn’t. Financial Freedom was a foreign concept not only to me but my parents.

Both of our parents worked, owned our home, car and the basic necessities of life.  They were excellent providers. We didn’t always get what we wanted but we had what we needed- and that was fine for us.

We were pretty oblivious about most financial things as kids and didn’t complain much.

That all changed very quickly in high school. …