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What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom has a different meaning for different people but it may be one of the most important questions you try to answer.


Financial freedom is having enough income to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to work or be dependant on others. The income you earn without having to work  is commonly referred to as passive income

There are many different approaches to financial freedom. You can direct your focus and energy towards accumulating assets or reducing expenses right away…but Financial Freedom is much more than just having money, it is a mindset that we have to conquer first.

We have to condition our mind so that it can receive and discern the correct information we put into it. An abundant mentality has mastered the 3 pillars of money:

  • Making Money
  • Keeping Money
  • Growing Money

Financial Freedom Is First A Mindset

True Financial Freedom is grounded in truth, peace and an abundant mindset. It’s a growth mentality that understands being free from financial worry is a divine right that occurs naturally as we follow our purpose and calling in life. It’s using wisdom to make, keep and grow your money so you can be who you were destined to be and bless those around you.

Financial Freedom Is A Divine Right

We were inherently created to live free without struggle. To live a life of peace, soundness in spirit, soul and body is a blessing and a gift. We were created to be richly provided for and live a meaningful life filled with abundant blessings, accomplishments, sound relationships and joy. But you have to believe it’s yours before you possess it. It won’t automatically show up in your life. It’s like anything else you eventually own: you thought about having it, you thought about the steps to getting it, then you got it.

Financial Freedom Is A Journey

It’s the process more than the actual result. It’s about finding your purpose and walking it out. Your Financial Freedom Journey will evolve over time and you will make the necessary adjustments but the experiences along the way and the journey you take is the reward- the money is just naturally attracted to you when you have the right mindset. (This took us a bit to absorb.) Think of it as a friend you bump into along your travels that becomes a constant companion and resource to help you achieve all of your dreams.

Financial Freedom Is The Highest Form Of Self Expression

We live in a beautiful earth, so richly provided for in every way. We were created with unique ideas, talents, skills, dreams and wishes. We were fearfully and wonderfully made for a divine purpose. When you pursue that purpose, you break the limits on your life and experience Financial Freedom- it’s part of the journey. God will flood your life with every resource when you are intent on pursuing your passion and impacting this world with your gifts and talents.

How To Get Started

Financial Freedom is a road and you progress through it one step at a time. You can get started by downloading our Free Financial Freedom Checklist.. click on the link below.

After you receive the list, send us a message and share your Financial Freedom goals with us. Let us know what Financial Freedom means to you.

We are here for you and would love to help you get there.  Welcome to Our Freedom Road!


Financial Freedom may mean something different to each person – and that’s ok! – but at the core it’s all about having complete control of your life so you can express yourself in the most authentic way..

Financial Freedom is a God-given right and the result of an abundance mentality that creates healthy money habits for wise saving/spending and investing until working becomes optional.

This frees you to pursue your passions and help people to a greater level. It’s being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want. It’s pure joy and freedom.

Can you imagine that kind of life? Because you sure deserve it.

Before you start any journey you have to decide where you are going or else you’ll never know you got there. When we started on our Financial Freedom journey we had to learn the basics and principles of Financial Freedom.

We had to learn to change how we thought about money. To help you get started you can go to the Beginners Guide to Financial Freedom. Once we established a foundation then we developed our own Financial Freedom Road Map. It’s a step-by-step guide on how we would save and spend, when and how to invest, how to plan for unexpected expenses, how to pay off debt, and how much income we wanted to generate.

Without a plan and daily intentional action it’s impossible to achieve Financial Freedom. 

  • Step 1 to getting out of debt is to take responsibility for what you did to get to this point. Once you acknowledge this you can start changing your mental money habits. 
  • Step 2 is make a commitment not to use your credit cards and use cash or debit cards only.
  • Step 3 is to take action immediately. Create a Wise Spending & Saving plan so you can track your money and ensure you can start putting money towards debt repayment. Take inventory of all of your debt: Bank, Account number, Customer Support Toll Free Number, Balance, Monthly Payment and Interest Rate. Total up your monthly payments and the total balance amount.
  • Step 4 is to begin paying the minimum plus the monthly interest charge on each credit card this way your chipping away at the balance monthly 
  • Step 5 start paying off the smallest bills first using the Snowball Method. Once that debt is paid add that monthly payment to the next bill until all are paid in full. Your monthly debt payment will get bigger as each bill is paid.
  • Step 6 set up a checking account with a bank that will automatically round up your charges to the dollar and transfer that difference to a savings account. You can use this towards debt payment.
  • Step 7 find ways to generate money that can go towards paying off your debt: garage sales, complete online surveys, sell your clothes online, make arts and crafts on etsy.com, start a business, start a blog. There are so many ways!
  • Step 8 find ways to cut costs!  Go through your bank statements to see where your money is going. Don’t eat out as often, find a cheaper auto insurance company, cancel recurring memberships to products you don’t use. We were able to save $5,523 annually  just by going through our bank statements and cancelling subscriptions and memberships. I even closed down a savings account 4 months afte I discovered they’d started charging me a $14 monthly maintenance fee without me knowing.

Before you think about ways to make more money, it’s best to find ways to keep more of what you’re already making by finding ways to cut costs and pay off debt. (See Step 8 in the How Can I Get Out of Debt FAQ)

Some ideas for generating money are garage sales, complete online surveys, sell your clothes online, make arts and crafts on etsy.com, start a business, start a blog, start a gofundme, sell vintage items on craigslist or ebay.